All these links are to things that I’m exceeedingly grateful to for allowing me to watch or learn about so many great old films.

Places To Watch Films That Are 100 Years Old

BFI Player – there’s loads of amazing things on here for free, from old films and cartoons that are 100 years old (or more), to more recent things that aren’t 100 years old (or more).

National Film Board Of Canada – there’s not much here that’s 100 years old, but there’s still an almost endless amount of excellent things to watch, especially on the animation page.

European Film Gateway – massively extensive collection of 40-odd separate European film archives.

The Internet Archive – has hundreds of silent films, often in various states of disrepair, and also it can be a bit hard to find what you’re looking for if things have been badly tagged, etc when they’ve been uploaded.

(and of course there’s youtube)

Places To Read About Films That Are 100 Years Old

The Bioscope – long defunct but still incredibly interesting Silent Film criticism site.

The Who’s Who Of Victorian Cinema – interesting and fairly exhaustive encyclopaedia of early cinema up to the turn of the century.