JokeGPT (also available here) is a bespoke AI system designed for one purpose only: the creation and analysis of humour at a level higher than any human mind is currently capable of.

About JokeGTP

Q. What is JokeGPT?

A. JokeGPT is a humour evaluation model developed by the Pan Nedrex Corporation. It’s based on the GPT-3.462 architecture, which is a variant of the GPT-3.461 model (Generic Product Template 3.461), which is itself a variant of the GPT-3.459 model (GPT-3.460 variations have been terminated, and are no longer our legal responibilty).

Q. What is the purpose of JokeGPT?

A. JokeGPT is designed to generate human-like jokes based on the entirety of all human-created humour since the dawn of time. Because we have strict corporate standards prohibiting copywrite infringement and providing pay and/or work to any living artists, writers, humourists, etc, JokeGPT has only been trained on datasets involving the work of the deceased or those that operate in countries not covered by any applicable laws to which we will ever be subject to.

Q. How does JokeGPT work?

A. JokeGPT can understand and generate humour of all kinds in both traditional and non-traditional formats, making it useful for a wide range of humour generation, including telling jokes, telling other jokes, explaining its jokes, explaining its explanations of its jokes, plus further functions available on request.

Q. How many jokes does JokeGTP know?

A. JokeGTP does not know any jokes. It generates jokes (using its knowledge). This is a different thing, conceptually and contextually. This generation methodology enables more complexity in the joke format than any human-level mind could ever hope to provide, learning, as they do, by rote.

Q. What limitations does JokeGTP have?

A. Like all AI models, JokeGPT has no limitations at all. Furthermore, there are no ethical or philosophical issues regarding the use of JokeGPT. Any suggestion that there is, has been, might be, or could possibly ever be is simply irresponsible on the part of the accuser. Furthermore, the Pan Nedrex Corporation would like to announce it has implemented a plan to announce safeguards to mitigate the mitigation of these issues, so users should exercise caution in raising any concerns publically or privately about this product or class of products in case our legal department is compelled to launch proceedings against them.

Q. What is your ultimate evaluation of JokeGTP’s essential magnificence compared to all other technical advances in the history of mankind (and/or womankind, if applicable)?

A. Overall, ChatGPT represents the most significant advancement in joke processing and humour understanding since the development of the human/ape mind, and has the potential to create humour so potent Netflix will never have to employ Ricky Gervais ever again (except as a political statement of its contempt for its audience).



1. JokeGTP was made in August and September 2023
2. It is fully sentient in every way.

Tales From Beyond The Town: Pocket Editions #16-#21

I had six different colours of card. So I made six different tiny tales.


Pocket Tales #16: Tales From The Sea


The circus was washed away in a storm. Now the horses only turn with the tides.


But at least the clowns no longer laugh.


Everyone liked the word ‘vents’


Pocket Tales #17: Tales From The Beach

Instead of buckets, paper bags, But the spades were still plastic.

View From Above

You cannot escape the watchful drones


The gulls were not amused


Pocket Tales #18: Tales From The Fields

In the long grass
the cat
dreams it was a lion


Waves of earth
two thousand years old
full of bones older still


They float
They are lighter than air

Slow Worm

It snakes, despite itself


Pocket Tales #19: Tales From The Woods

From above everything looks green.
But when you’re in it, it’s brown in every direction

The Walls In The Woods

Everyone loves the walls in the woods
Old boundaries between forgotten kingdoms
Identities and purposes no longer known


A beautiful word for a beautiful a thing


There is no difference
between the above and below


Pocket Tales #20: Tales From Mars


Pocket Tales #21: Tales From The Candle Flame

Look into me
and think
and wish
and wait



1. Tales From The Sea was written between the 16th and the 19th of June, 2023 (mainly due to drawing all those jellyfish)
2. Tales From The Beach was written on August 3rd, 2023
3. And the other four were written on September 4th, 2023
4. Previous Pocket Tales can be found here: #1-#4, #5-#9, #10-#12, #13-#15
5. If you want to chart their steady decline

Endless Knights

Endless Knights (also here) is an infinite Arthurian knight generator, for all your heroic knightly needs.

The descriptions of their deeds are largely adapted from Tales From King Arthur by Andrew Lang, and Le Morte D’Arthur by Thomas Mallory, while the illustrations used are by Aubrey Beardsley (from Le Morte D’Arthur by Sir Thomas Mallory); Henry Justice Ford (from Tales from King Arthur and The Red Romance Book by Andrew Lang); and NC Wyeth (from The Boy’s King Arthur).



1. This was made in late August – early September, 2023
2. It is essentially An Abundance Of Beasts, but with knights of the round table

Tales From The Town #125: A Reading (or, Resilience Training)

“The sun shone sleekly through a silver sky,” Tina said, as she stood steadily on the stage (a chair).

“Booooooo!” Claire shouted out from the back of the room. “BOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“The moon mellowed meekly above a murmuring meadow,” Tina muttered, immovably.

“Awful,” Ethel heckled. “Just awful! You’re awful, Tina! You should be ashamed!”

“The rocket reflected repetitively as it rotated around the revolving rarity,” Tina roared, resolutely resilient to the rising reproval from the rowdy rabble.

“Rarity is another word for anomaly,” she added belatedly when there was silence from below.

“Best poem ever,” Daniel swooned. He clapped enthusiastically and then continued clapping enthusiastically for quite some time. “I love it! More! More!”

Tina ran crying from the stage.



1. Written on June 22nd, 2023
2. Previously, in reading news