Marvel’s First Gay Superhero

Last night I dreamt I was Marvel’s first gay superhero.

I was in the newest film, and I got to be friends with the green woman from guardians of the galaxy, and while she was talking to tony stark I got to say a single sassy quip.

(The joke unfortunately goes unremembered)

Then in the first action sequence of the film, I chastely kissed my boyfriend (an unnamed, nondescript pale man in white tshirt) goodbye on the forehead, before flying off in my spaceship, where the baddy (a 100 foot tall man with no hands) punched my spaceship straight into the sun.

And that was the end of Marvel’s first gay superhero.



1. Written on 14th August, 2019
2. Based upon a dream of the previous night
3. All historical inaccuracies are the fault of my sleeping brain


I was watching a film the other day when I realised I’ve never climbed out of a window.

In films everyone’s climbing out of windows all the bloody time. Sneaking out when they’re grounded. Stepping out onto the roof to look at the stars. Sleepwalking into Dracula’s arms. Climbing out onto the ledges round a high rise while attempting to avoid murderers, monsters, husbands, wives. Prison escapes, secret base infiltrations, the exploration of ruins.

I have missed out on so much, with my quaint usage of doors.



1. Written on 15th August, 2019

The Ice Child

There was a girl made entirely of ice. Her friends made her sit in the sun so long, while they chatted to themselves about what to do, that she melted clean away without any of them noticing at all.



1. Written on July 5th, 2019
2. When it was very hot
3. I imagine