This is a list of my published works and other significant things that might be of interest (or might not, of course). Last updated January 2023.

Personal Information

Name: David Guy
subscriptions/support/shops: patreon / ko-fi
social stuff: youtube

Publication History (including significant self published works)

The Saddest Bear Of All (with Minkee) – Children’s Picture Book, 2008 (self published – itunes)
Spiders Are Wonderful (with Mark Raisbeck, published under the pseudonym Toby Vok) – Children’s Picture Book, 2011 (self published – itunes)
Do Not Disturb The Dragon (with Menno Wittebrood) – Children’s Picture Book, 2014 (Hogs Back Books)
The Reading, Or Performance Anxiety – Short Story, 2016 (Liars League)
The King And The Light – Short Story, 2018 (Arachne Press)
The Man Who Left – Short Story, 2018 (Arachne Press)
The Crow Tree – Short Story, 2019 (Here Comes Everyone)
Destination: Mars – Graphic Novel, 2019 (self published – amazon; itunes)
You Don’t Have To Read This, But I Hope You Do – Short Story, 2021 (Liars League)
Female Kill Machine – Novella, 2021 (self published – ko-fi; amazon; itunes)
The Islands Of The World (a guide) – Novella, 2021 (self published – lulu)
Female Kill Machine 2 – Novella, 2022 (self published – ko-fi; amazon)
The Dreams Of The Waiting Prince – Novella, 2023 (self published – lulu)

Ongoing Series And Other Long-Lived Projects

A Minute At A Time – an ongoing series of unedited one minute videos (2014-)
A Thousand And One Tales – a weekly fairy tale project, that reached 150 instalments (2018-2021)
Places In Space – lo-fi science fiction webcomic, that reached 60 instalments (2019-2021)
Tales From The Town – weekly illustrated micro fiction series set in a fictional town (2021-)
Violent Penguin – animated show, 46 episodes (2021)

Exhibitions, Live Performances, and other events

Heads Up – Art Exhibition, Chelmsford, 2012 – Work: Essex Terror Retrospective; Comics
Us And Them – Live Literature Event, London, 2016 – Work: The Reading, or Performance Anxiety
When Will You Learn That There Isn’t A Word For Everything – Art Exhibition, Norwich, 2018 – Work: Typing Piece #24 (Typewritten Art); The Wolf In The Woods #1 and #2 (experimental fairy tale pieces)

Games/Text Adventures

Home Of Hell – text adventure/house of hell parody (2019)
Fifteen Monsters All In A Row (with monster designs by florence and patrick) – text adventure, made with my niece and nephews (2020)
Saturday Afternoon Ikea Trip Simulator – text adventure (2021)


Repetition And Slowness And The Passing Of Time (2014)
Into The Fire (2015)
Comprehension/Recollection (2019)
The Lifecycle Of A Singular Organism (2021)
The Collusion Of Artifice (2021)
Worse Things Happen Out At Sea (2021)
l’ilusion du sens (2022)

Current Websites

An Accumulation Of Things – short stories, flash fiction, comic strips, and other narrative works (2018-)
Separations Of Time – photos, films, art works, and other visual pieces (2019-)
This Film Is 100 Years Old – film reviews of old films (2019-)
Generative Texts – satirical publishing company site (2020)
The Islands Of The World (a guide) – descriptions of one hundred islands (2021)
Essex, England, May 2003 – photography/nostalgia online art exhibit (2021)
lexigram / vexigram – word delivery services (2022)
The Dreams Of The Waiting Prince – a novel in one hundred and fifty dreams (2023)


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