This Film Is 100 Years Old

This Film Is 100 Years Old is yet another website of mine, this time dedicated to watching and reviewing films that are 100 years old (or more)

There’s five or so reviews there already, and hopefully a few more each week. There might be a rush of stuff towards the end of the year as I try to cram in as much of 1919 as I can. Or there might not be, you never know.

This Film Is 100 Years Old

Places In Space (Volume #1)

Places In Space is an episodic ultra lo-fi science fiction serial detailing a voyage of discovery through the solar system and beyond. Features some jokes, some sadness, occasional moments of beauty.

This volume collects the first 30 episodes into one volume, which you can either have for free as a pdf, or for actual money (although not much of it) if you’d prefer, from itunes (99p) and/or amazon (154p).

If you’re a subscriber to my patreon you can get these versions for free, too. Which I’m sure you’ll agree is very exciting and exceedingly generous (you’ll alos be able to get a few other things, too, like Destination: Mars, Spiders Are Wonderful, and The Saddest Bear Of All).

Places In Space Volume 1 (pdf)
Places In Space Volume 1 (itunes)
Places In Space Volume 1 (amazon)



1. Places In Space Volume 1 ran from May 2019 until November 2019
2. The reason for the slight price discrepancy between itunes and amazon is due to their lowest price points being slightly different.
3. But both versions are basically the same as each other (and the pdf), just slightly modified to fit their standard/recommended screen dimensions

Tale #87: To Follow A Child

A father was eating lunch one day in the garden of his house, when his daughter skipped past and made her way off towards the fields and the woods beyond. Curious as to where his child went when she played on her own, he decided to follow her on her way. He hurried from his chair as she exited the garden, and pursued her into the wilderness.

It was dusk before the father returned. He went to bed without saying a word, and soon after he went mad and died.



1. Written on April 1st, 2019
2. Following the conventions of To Follow A Cat
3. And subsequent similar formulations