An accumulation of things is an accumulation of various things I’ve written, most of which have no relation to any of the other things I’ve written, some of which do.

I write short stories, really short stories, the occasional slightly longer story, comics, cartoons, picture books and anything else which takes my fancy. I even wrote a song once, but it wasn’t very good.

Things are posted under vaguely different categories and on vaguely different schedules and below is a guide to what you can find and when you will find it (and if you click on the heading you’ll be taken to everything there is to see there).

1. A short story or two

Short stories, on themes unknown, in genres undecided. I’ll try to put a warning at the top if they’re particularly unpleasant.

Schedule: (On hiatus, until I write some more. Please forgive me)

2. A thousand and one tales

An ever-growing collection of fairy tales and folk tales, with a new one posted every Friday.

If I keep to this schedule, I’ll finally get to a thousand and one a little bit before my 60th birthday. (I will not keep to this schedule)

Schedule: Fridays

3. One trillion comics

I’ve drawn more comics than I can remember. I’ve drawn more comics than anyone could ever read, or would want to read, or be able to bear to read. This is a warning.

Schedule: Wednesdays for old stuff (until they’ve all run out). New stuff: whenever, wherever.

4. An infinity of ephemera

Tiny pieces of thought that are barely even there

Schedule: Upon occurrence

5. The occasional picture book (for children)

I’ve written some picture books for children and some not-quite picture books for children and also some manuscripts for picture books for children that aren’t picture books yet because they haven’t got any proper pictures, and this is where you’ll find them all.

Schedule: Irregular

6. Undex

The undex was a short-lived collaborative writing website, consisting mostly of short pieces of fiction, and occasionally some short pieces of non-fiction, and once or twice some long pieces of fiction/non-fiction, which we tried to hide on the internet in the summer of 2016. Anyone could post whatever they liked, using the free webpage-making service pen.io, and then we linked them all together on the undex page. And I think also all the contributors were anonymous and we never made any attempt to promote it.

It limped on unseen by everyone and unarchived even by google until January 2017, when pen.io decided to scrub absolutely all pages ever made on its site. At which point we gave up forever (or for now, at least).

Anyway pieces marked as undex are either pieces by me from the original undex, or pieces from since which would I would have put there, if it still existed, which it doesn’t.

Schedule: Unscheduled

7. From the archives of Essex Terror

Essex Terror was Essex’s foremost horror, science fiction and folklore magazine between 2009 and 2015, published in formats including websites, fanzines, choose your own adventure books, and art exhibitions. Since 2015 all evidence of its existence has been erased and its myth lives on only as urban legend. All posts here are replications of the original, based on hearsay alone.

Schedule: Incomprehensible, terrifying

8. Audios And/Or Visuals

Sometimes I make short cartoons and sometimes I make short videos and they’re never very good but that’s never stopped me before.

Schedule: Fleetingly scarce


SXFX was Essex’s secondmost science fiction magazine. It lasted for one single issue, reprinted here for the final time.

Schedule: Finished

10. Places In Space

An ongoing series of transmissions from the depths of space.

Schedule: Mondays, for awhile


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