Vexigram is a baroque word epiphany service. Receive a single unique imaginary word, personally invented by our resident wordsmith and delivered to you anywhere in the world, for as little (or as much) as £3 a word.

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A single word on a piece of card, delivered direct to you, anywhere in the world. What will your word mean? It will mean nothing. Nothing at all. But it will be yours, and yours alone.

Each Vexigram will be a singular term, chosen furtively from the shallow depths of the imagination, written relatively neatly in ink on card, and sent out to you via the intricate mesh of postal services across the world.

Intended simply to perplex and confound the recipient via the absence of meaning, Vexigrams are a gift that remind us all, even if only fleetingly, of the limits of language. Every Vexigram shall be as exasperating to say as it is to hear, see, read, or use.

Vexigram – something that resembles a word but contains no meaningful idea or any possible use, especially those which do so in a particularly irritating way