The Complete Destination: Mars Collection

The complete Destination: Mars collection (containing all four parts) is available to buy as an ebook on iTunes and Amazon for £4.99.

The four separate parts can be found here:

Part 1 – Destination: Mars
Part 2 – Location: Mars
Part 3 – Contamination: Mars
Part 4 – Evacuation: Mars



1. The origin of Destination: Mars is that I bought two cheap A4 notebooks in the works for £2 each and they both had absolutely the worst cover ever

2. Which looks like it’s supposed to be a pun but is it a pun
3. I don’t know
4. If it is I don’t get it
5. Anyway so then I turned the wine glass into a spaceship on mars

6. And then filled the books up with stories

7. About mars

8. And the other places beyond

9. Also, I coloured this all in using a new pack of colouring pencils that I’d had for years but never used. So here is the complete Mars saga, represented by the shortness or longness of the pencils in my pack of pencils at the end of it all.

10. Used up permanent markers and black gel pens not shown


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