Tales From The Town: Pocket Editions (#13-15)

Some more Pocket Tales, to go with this year’s Pocket Tales (#10-#12), and last year’s Pocket Tales (#1-#4 / #5-#9).

Pocket Tales #13


It filled the air we breathed and the lungs we breathed it with.


It filled the air we breathed and the lungs we breathed it with.


It filled the air we breathed and the lungs we breathed it with.

The Fog Of Existence

It was everywhere
in everything there ever was

Pocket Tales #14


They stepped over it as if it wasn’t there.


Only the bravest dared to cross.


You could feel gravity here as if it was a real thing pulling you down in its grip.

A Dream Of The Moon Never Disappoints

There is enough there for everyone to see and do.

Pocket Tales #15 (Poetry Edition)

A Poem For The Cat

Why is she
so perfect
so perfectly unconcerned
with me?

A Poem For The Fish

Little fish
Big Fish
Swimming in a circle
in the corner of the room

Big Fish
Little Fish
Glowing in the gloom

A Poem For The Spider

All her spidery children
spread across the ceiling
Does she even remember them
or know what they’re feeling
Now they’ve left her web
for somewhere more appealing

A Poem For Mum

She doesn’t get angry
because she’s too sad
If only we were good
Instead of so bad

A Poem For Dad

He dreams of the sky
He dreams of the sea
He dreams of the mermaid
He dreams he was free
I think he’s forgotten
Who he used to be.

A Poem For The House

I can feel it
Is it dreaming
through me

I can feel it
Almost like a tree

Ae we the birds
in its branches?
Or its fruits
and its seeds?

A Poem For Me

Its okay
to not be seen

Its okay
to not be seen



1. Made between June 9th and June 12th, 2022


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