Tales From The Town: More Pocket Editions

I made some of these last time my niece and nephew came to stay, and now they were here again we made some more. They are every bit as pointless as before, but also quite nice (and this time my niece made one of them herself, and even those she’s only nine she’s already better at all this than me).

These ones were only 4 rather than 8 pages long because to be honest I completely forgot we made them 8 pages long last time.

Pocket Edition #5

The fire horses ran across the lake, and no one could catch them.


It wasn’t as big as it should be.

Nose, or possibly a snout

This was as far as it came. We saw no more of whatever beast it might have been.


No one knew who was to blame

Pocket Tales #6

The Forbidden

No one had ever been beyond. Or if they had, had not yet returned.

The Locked

The key was lost. The contents became more desirable with every passing day.

The Lost

Nobody knew whose they were. They waited and waited and waited and waited and

Pocket Tales #7

The Bird (From Above)

A crow made of scorch marks upon the grass upon the hill.

The Moon (Again)

The moon had no face. They would never forgive those that said that it did.

A View

It wasn’t worth the climb, let alone the fall.

An Escape

Freedom always leaves the captors feeling sad. That makes it even sweeter.

Pocket Tales #8


It shimmered as if it was the sea.

Snail Hug

It might have been small but it mattered the most.

Violet On Cliff

It waited for the day the sea would consume it.

Bird Bench

They waited for him to return, as if they were family.

Pocket Tales #9


They had been up there now longer than most of us had been alive.

A Coat

It blew through the night like a ghost.

The Hat (A Metaphor)

The hat was very dignified, until it burned beneath the sun.



1. Written between 10th August 2021 and 12th August 2021
2. Pocket Tales #8 was written by my niece Florence


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