Tales From The Town: Pocket Editions (#10-#12)

Some more Pocket Tales, to go with last year’s Pocket Tales (#1-#4 / #5-#9).

Pocket Tales #10

The Kite

It is forbidden to speak of the kite anymore. It is mourned in silence.


He could not get back up no matter how hard he tried. He pretended instead that he was where he wanted to be.

Pocket Tales #11

(Even the crabs were sunburned)


The gravestone records the beginning and the end. What occurred in the moments between is of no lasting interest to history.


They rolled plates down the hill. There was nothing else to do.

Treasure Trove

No one knew it was there, or what it was. The grass had grown long around it. One day perhaps it would be found.

Pocket Tales #12


They hang from the trees and keep the fairies at bay.


The only known thing of infinite length is an unspooled taped unwinding in the breeze.


They had been listened to so often the sound had worn away. But in our minds we remembered.


1. Made between June 9th and June 12th, 2022
2. Although the words for Gravestone and Tradition come from earlier in the year.
3. Maybe even last year.
4. Also I don’t know why I forgot to do the middle pages in Pocket Tales #12
5. But I did
6. So that one’s shorter
7. Sorry


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