Destination: Mars


Destination: Mars is the first part of a series of four.

Part 1 – Destination: Mars
Part 2 – Location: Mars
Part 3 – Contamination: Mars
Part 4 – Evacuation: Mars

The complete Destination: Mars collection (containing all four parts) is available to buy as an ebook on iTunes and Amazon for £4.99.



1. Written in August and September 2017
2. This is the first chapter of four
3. The other three chapters are Location: Mars, Contamination: Mars, and Evacuation: Mars
4. I hope those chapter titles aren’t spoilers
5. This isn’t actually named after the Tintin book Destination Moon
6. Despite it seeming obvious that it should be
7. Somehow I had never read that one or even heard of it until a couple of months later
8. When one of my nieces or nephews had it out from the library
9. Having previously only read Explorers On The Moon out of the Tintin moon books
9. It is also not named after the film Destination Moon
10. Which I had never heard of at all until exactly now
11. While writing these notes
12. And looking up the Tintin book on google
13. Which also showed me there’s a book called Destination Mars
14. And another book
15. And a film
16. And a tv show
17. I’m going to give up looking now
18. At least mine has a colon in the title
19. To differentiate it
20. From all the others
21. I hope that’s enough


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