The Solar System And Almost Everything In It

The solar system and almost everything in it, all drawn to two slightly different scales

So that the planets are all scaled to the size of the sun*
and the distances are all scaled to the distance of the earth from the sun
and both these are then the exact width of a page

I’d have done them to one single scale, but if I’d stuck with the first, the book would have had to have been 5000 pages long, while if I’d stuck to the second, the sun would have been 2.5 mm wide, and everything else invisible to the human eye. So instead you’ll just have to accept that either the sun and the planets are a 100 times too big, or that the space between them is 100 times too small.

*(some of the smaller planets and probably all of moons are slightly oversized, due to the unfortunate blobbing of paint as I applied it inexpertly to the page, and the asteroids are so oversized that there’s no real excuse for their appearance, except that I love the asteroid belt, and all the asteroids who linger there)


Page 1: The Sun
Page 2: Mercury, Venus, Earth (and its moon)
Page 3: Mars
Page 4-5: The Asteroid Belt (barely visible, but there, I promise)
Page 7: Jupiter (and some of its moons)
Page 9: Saturn and its rings (and some of its moons)
Page 21: Uranus (and some of its moons)
Page 41: Neptune (and one of its moons)
Page 51: Pluto (but none of its friends)

(And I would have liked to include Eris, too, but unfortunately I’d have needed this book to have 98 pages, at least, for that, rather than 60 or so)



1. Painted on November 15th, 2020
2. And planned the day before
3. Although really I’ve been intending to make this for about four years or so
4. Since whenever I got this sketchpad
5. From paperchase or wherever I bought it
6. In a sale
7. For maybe £2
8. Or possibly £3
9. If I was feeling particularly extravagant that day


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