a list of things

a bathtub full of dust
a cracked and speckled egg
cobwebs on a cats whiskers
an old coat that no longer fits
but which is much nicer than any that still do
a single old streetlight that no ones got round to updating to something newer and brighter and less evocatively orange
old cigarette packet in dried up ditch
a picture of my mother from before i was born
old list found in drawer with nothing ticked off
a box full of obsolete technology
suddenly remembered old shame that feels like new again
pens with no lids
pens with wrong lids
remembering the existence of tipp ex
but not the spelling
vague unease
slight twinge in neck
forgotten promise
a strange desire to disown myself
bedraggled cat wrapped in towel
the use of actual money in an actual shop in the actual world in actual life
someone saying something and then you saying something and then someone else saying something and then you saying something and then you saying something else then you both saying something then someone saying something then a long lingering silence then you saying something then
a market stall filled with bags of unmarked meat
looking out of the window only to notice someone else looking in the window
contrails forming noughts and crosses board
dreams of the moon
an overabundance of sweat despite total inactivity
bloodied gums
distant fox screams
the same song on repeat for over half an hour
bed time
end of list



1. Written on June 12th, 2020


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