Tales From The Town #3: The New Boy

“Mum! Mum! You’ll never guess what!”

“There’s a new boy at school!”

“He’s so tall!”

“And mysterious!

“He’s called Timothy!”

“His mum’s a weightlifter!”

“His dad breeds cats!”

The cat, who had been asleep until now on her second favourite shelf, slowly opened her eyes at the sound of her name, and then just as slowly closed them again.

“He used to go to a different school!”

“But now he goes to ours!”

“He’s been everywhere!”

“And done everything!”

“He once drove a real car!”

“He once flew in a hot air balloon!”

“He’s been to Antarctica!”

“He’s been to Mars!”

“Well, doesn’t he sound nice,” Agnes said.

“He’s so nice!”

“He’s amazing!”

“He’s so tall!”

“He’s our new best friend!”

But by Wednesday he wasn’t new anymore, and after the weekend they never spoke of him again.



1. Written on April 30th, 2021
2. Hopefully there’ll be one of these every week from now on but who knows


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