Here are some things that you can buy that are either written by me, or contain stories written by me.

Picture Books

Do Not Disturb the Dragon, by David Guy, Menno Wittebrood and Patrick Schoenmaker.

Do Not Disturb The Dragon (Paperback, 32 pages)


The Saddest Bear Of All, by David Guy and Minkee.

The Saddest Bear Of All (10 pages, ebook, £1.99)


Spiders Are Wonderful, by Toby Vok.

Spiders Are Wonderful (20 pages, ebook, £2.99)


Graphic Novels

Destination: Mars

Destination: Mars (178 pages, ebook, £4.99)

The complete Destination: Mars collection (containing all four parts) is available to buy as an ebook on iTunes and Amazon.



Liberty Tales, by various authors.

Liberty Tales (Paperback, ebook, 128 pages)


An Outbreak of Peace: Stories and poems in response to the end of WWI, by various authors.

An Outbreak Of Peace (Paperback, ebook, 112 pages)


Concept Albums With Concept Novels

The Smoking Moon, by Toby Vok and Ted Vaak

The Smoking Moon, by Toby Vok and Ted Vaak (Album+Paperback, less than 13 songs, over 100 pages, exactly £6)


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