Tales From The Town #139: Cold Conversation

“Winter’s rubbish,” Claire said. “I mean, look!” She stamped her boots down in the muddy puddle under the swing, which was frozen so completely she didn’t splash anyone with mud even slightly. “See? Awful!”

“I thought you liked the cold?” Tina said. “You’ve been wanting it to snow all week.”

“Only so we wouldn’t have to school,” Claire said. “Cold without snow’s totally pointless.”

“You’re’re’re to-to-totally pointlessssssssssss,” Ethel said, her teeth chattering so hard her insult didn’t upset Claire at all.

“Wntrsthbst,” Daniel said from beneath two scarfs, three hats, and a hood, “Nwntrycnsallthstrsnthsk!”

“Shut up about stars, Daniel,” Claire said. “It’s not even night time.”

“You’re’re’re’re’re no-no-no-no-not even night-ti-ti-ti-ti-time,” Ethel said, over the course of several minutes, by which time the sun had set and also it had started to snow.

“Snow’s rubbish,” Claire said. “What’s the point of snow on a Saturday?”



1. Written on December 1st, 2023


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