Tales From The Town: Volumes 1 & 2

Tales From The Town reached its 101st episode last week, so to celebrate here’s two free anthologies collecting the first two years of this never ending series of stories from some sort of small-sized city.

Volume 1 (Summer, then Winter) collects the first 52 (standalone) episodes, while Volume 2 (The Lodger Suite), which was an attempt at an ongoing episodic story (with a bonus, pointless, palindromic structure, which was the style at the time), collects the next 40 or so.

Download: Tales From The Town Volume 1 & 2 (zip file containing epub files)

And as an even more exciting bonus, here’s a sneak preview of Tale #107, featuring a skeleton and also a spacesuit.

Tales From The Town #107: A Skeleton In A Spacesuit

The skeleton in the spacesuit stands at the entrance to the pier. The stitches are unravelling, the helmet fogged, the insignia faded to the point of illegibility, but still it works. Put in a pound and it laughs and laughs. It even gives an awkward little wave.

No one has ever put in a pound nor ever will.


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