Tales From The Town #63: Unpacking, or The Tools Of The Trade

Christopher laid out the contents of his suitcase carefully on the bed, checking each item off a list to make sure nothing had been mislaid in transit. You never could tell the trouble lost items might bring.

1. Phone #1 (public use)
2. Phone #2 (private use)
3. Laptop #1 (unlocked, innocent)
4. Laptop #2 (locked, encrypted, incriminating)
5. Printer
6. Laminator
7. Wireless Listening Devices #1-#7
8. Passive Listening Devices #1-#4
9. Notebook (in code)
10. Pens (various colours)
11. Camera #1 (conspicuous, innocent)
12. Camera #2 (inconspicuous, deniable)
13. Camera #3 (concealable, beyond legal and moral bounds)
14. Credit/Debit Cards #1-#6 (various names)
15. Voice Modulator (still in box)
16. Cables (knotted bundle)



1. Written on (date lost)
2. But probably in the first half of 2022
3. Or maybe late 2021


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