Lexigram is a bespoke word delivery service. Receive a single unique handwritten word, personally chosen by our resident wordsmith and delivered to you anywhere in the world, for as little (or as much) as £3 a word.

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A single word on a piece of card, delivered direct to you, anywhere in the world. What will your word be? It’s a mystery.

Each Lexigram will be a singular term, chosen secretively from the full breadth and depth of the English language, written relatively neatly in ink on card, and sent out to you via the intricate mesh of postal services across the world.

Intended simply to surprise and delight the recipient via the beauty of words, Lexigrams are a gift that remind us all, even if only fleetingly, of the pleasures of language. Every Lexigram shall be as beautiful to say as it is to hear, see, read, and use.

Lexigram #2: Autumnal



1. Lexigram was conceived, created, and finally initiated in April 2022
2. If you have further questions about Lexigrams please see here
3. As it is possible they have already been answered.
4. And if you’d like to purchase a Lexigram, please go here.
5. And buy as many as you wish.


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