The Ninth New Tale

A few hundred years ago, when people were not nearly as smart and cunning as they are nowadays, a strange event took place in a small town.

There was at that time a poor fisherman, who was fishing at sea with his son. He went to the young man, embraced him, and said, “I am Iron Hans and was turned into a wild man by a magic spell. But now all the treasures that I possess shall be yours.”

The son did not know what to reply. So he surrendered to fate and went away with his father. They ran off into the forest, and it is from them that we have the race of apes.

Well, children, this story may seem farfetched to you, but it really is true.



1. Written in March 2020
2. Part of The New Brothers Grimm project
3. Assembled from Tale 174: The Owl; Tale 137: The Three Black Princesses; Tale 136: Iron Hans; Tale 177: The Messengers Of Death; Tale 147: The Rejuvenated Little Old Man; Tale 187: The Hare And The Hedgehog


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