In The Terminals Of Minraud

In The Terminals Of Minraud is a trilogy of short stories assembled entirely out of sentences from William Burroughs novels. (I couldn’t afford to chop up my copies of the books, so they aren’t technically proper cut-up stories).

The three stories – March My Captive Head, Last Of The Gallant Heroes and Fading My Name Through Dying Air – were assembled using five different Burroughs novels (Junky, Naked Lunch, The Ticket That Exploded, The Soft Machine, and The Place Of Dead Roads), and adhering to the following rules:

1. Each sentence should be from a different book from the preceding and following sentences.
2. Each sentence should be used whole.

(Minor changes to names, genders, tenses, etc were allowed, to maintain consistency.)

I think in the end I broke both those rules once, across the three stories. Please forgive me for my crimes.

In The Terminals Of Minraud

1. March My Captive Head(annotated pdf)
2. Last Of The Gallant Heroes(annotated pdf)
3. Fading My Name Through Dying Air(annotated pdf)


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