i keep writing
these poems
in 4/3/4

i don’t know why
but my brain
just will not stop

all my thoughts
into this form

tiny little
faux haiku
drifting away

a cloud of thought
barely formed
a ghost of words

groups of sounds
shorn of meaning

so anyway
here they are
you have been warned



no one loves me
even though
i think they should



i cannot breathe
with your hand
upon my heart


#3: (a dream)

the octopus
grips my arm
like a lost child


#4: echo

a delicate
dust shadow


#5: autobiography #1

i spent a pound
on some sweets
and ate them all


#6: unanswered question

what difference
would it make
if i smiled


#7: remembrance of shaves gone by

i keep looking
at the blood
trickling away


#8: self realisation

what is the point
of all this
with no-one here


#9: autobiography #2

watched the football
it was shit
yet i’ll watch more


#10: lunch

this glass of milk
has a fly
dying in it



i don’t feel well
and nor do you


12: yes

i am having
a breakdown
in poetry


#13: autobiography #3

it was busy
in the park
i ate some chips


#14: it is happening again

its so windy
all the bins
blew down the road



his twitter posts
came and went
and went and went


#16: email

it’s possible
i missed it
not ignored it


#17: book #1

the book was good
i liked it
i read some more


#18: book #2

Thus Were Their Faces
was the book
i was reading


#19: book #3

its title
did not quite fit
breaking all the rules


#20: autobiography #4

covered in ink
from leaking
cheap broken pens



I was offered
kind advice
Frightened, I ran



sometimes i try
to escape
the bounds of space


#23: autobiography #5

my headphones fell
on the floor
they were alright



wasting my time
as if it
means anything


#25: autobiography #6

the plastic bags
across the park


#26: FIN

if i could die
it would be
quite the relief



1. Written between 6th and 8th August, 2019
2. It’s okay I’ve stopped now


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