A dream of cats

I had a dream about cats
and going to the special cat park
where all the stray cats live
in nice little brick cottages
which look like human houses
except they’re only six foot high

Non-stray cats are allowed in the park too
as long as they’re on leads

And people are only allowed in if they’re walking their cat
on a lead
or two cats, on two leads
or three on three
and so on
up to whatever the theoretical cats on leads limit is

But I didn’t have a cat
because I was catless
so I had to watch from outside
through the railings

I bought a postcard from the shop by the gates
and a magnet for my fridge
and listened to the stray cats sing
and watched the non-stray cats dance
which they all did
for an hour
at dusk
every sunday

Once it got dark they locked the gates
and everyone and their cats went home

And who knew what it was the stray cats did then
in their houses
in the dark
in the park
where the stray cats live



1. Written on April 15th, 2019
2. and based on a dream
3. I had
4. about cats
5. Also, if you set this to music, it should probably be to this music


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