The Crow

There’s this crow that sometimes comes in our garden and I’ve been slowly befriending it.

At first it’d only come along occasionally and you’d only see it out there when the garden was empty and you looked out the window and there it’d be, prancing about, sniffing out some food, or lounging around on the bench out there.

Then a few times I was sitting in the garden and it would leap up onto the fence and then look a bit startled when it saw me, and it’d back away, and usually then go back down and disappear, although sometimes it would just sit there on the fence and warily watch me.

After a while though it got brave enough that if I was in the garden and it saw me there it would still come down into the garden but sort of skirt around me in a big circle, always keeping a big beady eye on me, as it went about it’s business. And if I ever made any sudden movements or startled it in some other way it would squawk at me and flee.

But I never made any sudden movements. And I never will.

Now it’s so thoroughly used to me it’ll hop up onto the table when I’m out there and sit on the keyboard of my laptop so I can’t do any work and then it’ll let me stroke it and it’ll purr and purr and purr

I think it’s a crow


1. Written on July 16th, 2016


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