Tales From The Town #172: Returns

“Mum! Mum! Dad’s back!”

“In his cave?”

“No! He lives above a chip shop now,” said Ethel.

“Which one?”

“All of them!” Daniel said excitedly.

“Well, isn’t that nice,” Agnes said. “Even if it doesn’t make much sense. At least hopefully this means you don’t think I killed him anymore.”

“We never thought that, Mum,” Tina said.

“It was Claire that thought that!” Ethel said.

“We didn’t believe her for a second,” Daniel said. “Not one! Or two! Or three! Or – ”

“Where is Claire, anyway?” Agnes asked.

“Oh she’s still shouting at Dad,” Tina said.

“Good for her,” Agnes said.

“She’s shouting so loud not even chips will calm her down,” Ethel said.

“Or ice cream,” TIna added.

“Or chips!” said Daniel.

“Or smoothies!”

“Or chips!

“How many portions of chips can one girl eat?” Agnes wondered.

“A lot,” Tina said. “Especially when she’s angry.”

“She was going to demand a cheeseburger next,” Ethel said.

“Which was when we thought we should come home and tell you she’s already had her tea.”

“Well, at least someone’s enjoying herself,” Agnes said. “I hope she let you three have something to eat too?”

“We had ice creams,” said Tina.

“But only one,” said Ethel, possibly a little too quickly.

“And chips!” Daniel added, dreaming of chips.



1. Written on May 29th, 2024


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