Tales From The Town #73: Surveillance Tapes (21-23)

21: Loft/Basement (simultaneous recording)

(unidentified voices rising then falling, occasional jubilant(?!) screams)

“…the witch?”
“The witch!”
“There’s no one else!”
“Only her!”
“Not the little ones!”
“But the witch!”
“The witch!”
“We have to ask her!”
“Ask the witch?”
“Ask the witch to help!”
“To help!”
“We have to make her promise!”
“Make her promise to help!”
“Tell her we can pay!”
“Tell her we know the price!”
“The price of a promise!”
“A promise to help!”
“It’s the only way!”
“The only way we can help!”
“Help the little ones!”
“And the big ones!”
“Help the house!”
“And the tree!”
“And the cat!”
“And her evil claws!”
“There’s no one else!”
“Just the witch!”
“…the witch?”
“The witch!”

22: Hall

(phone rings)

Agnes: Hello?… No, I’m sorry, I think you must have the wrong number… No, there’s no Mr. Terafina here, I can assure you….It doesn’t matter how you spell it…. Yes, I am quite sure… That’s none of your business, Madam!… I am being polite… You’re the one accusing me of all sorts… Well, you do that, then. I’ll tell them exactly what I’ve told you.,,, For the third time, there’s no Mr. Terafina here… Well, I don’t know why he gave you my number, but he doesn’t live here… This number’s as old as the house and as old as the exchange. It hasn’t changed since forever… And good day to you, too!…(click)… Urgh!

(the phone is placed back in its cradle with an audible bang)

23: By The Swing (Saturday afternoon)

Tina: What’s wrong Claire?
Ethel: You look all funny.
Claire: ….
Ethel: Have you been eating Wotsits again, Claire?
Claire: …..
Tina: You look like you’ve been eating Wotsits again.
Claire: ……
Ethel: You know you’re not allowed to eat Wotsits, Claire.
Claire: …….
Claire: ……..
Ethel: Mum! Claire’s been eating Wotsits again!
Claire: ………



1. Written in May and also August, 2022


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