A Single Frame Of Snooker With All Of The Snooker Entirely Removed



1. Made on April 30th, 2021
2. Using footage from the bbc
3. obviously
4. Anyway years ago I had the idea for a shit art/photography exhibition where loads of sports would be reduced to slides of their various states of play
5. And envisaged how excited people would be to see 40 consecutive near identical photos of a snooker tabel, or a chess board, or a football pitch, or whatever
6. It would have been brilliant clearly
7. Everyone poring over the images to discern some deeper meaning
8. There is no deeper meaning
9. Anyway I never did that
10. Or anything else
11. But now I’ve turned it into an animation so it’s okay
12. I never need to think about it again
13. Bonus youtube version here


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