Tales From The Town #83: No Rooms

“What’s all that noise up there? It sounds like a herd of elephants!”

“It’s Claire, Mum!”

“She’s upset!”

“Upset about what?”

“The new rooms!”

“What new rooms?”

“The old new rooms!”

“They’ve gone, Mum!”

“Gone? Gone where?”

“Just gone.”

“Completely gone!”

“There’s not even a door there any more!”

“Just a door shaped gap in the wallpaper!”

“It’s like the lodger was never here!”

“Well that’s weird. And a bit worrying, I have to say. But what’s that got to do with Claire?”

“Claire’s furious!”

“Really furious!”

“Furious even for Claire!”

“She’s stamping her feet!”

“And screaming!”

“And blaming the lodger!”


“I don’t think we can blame the… the… I don’t think we can blame that man this time.”

“She wanted those rooms for herself, Mum!”

“But the lodger took them!”

“She wanted them so bad and now she’s not going to get them at all!”


“Well you don’t all have to sound so pleased about it…”



1. Written on 31st October, 2022
2. I think.
3. I forgot to write down the date in my notebook.
4. Sorry.
5. So it might actually have been earlier in October that I wrote this one.


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