The illustrations used here are all in the public domain. They were largely sourced from the website, to whom I would like to extend my thanks.

The Islands Of The World: Civitavecchia by an unknown artist (1891)
Introduction: Something On The Bowsprit by John Elliott (1909)
Ache: Slain By A Maid by William Heath Robinson (1908)
Allegory: The Abbey And Hills From Near Mussoorie by an unknown artist (1858)
Bay: Gorgons And Hydras by Gustave Doré (1880)
Beauty: Hundreds Of Peacocks Of Gorgeous Blooms by Warwick Goble (1912)
Blue: Hamburg Before The Fire by Auguste Etienne François Mayer (1852)
Boundary: Glacier At Spitsbergen by Auguste Etienne François Mayer (1852)
Brilliance: Civitavecchia by an unknown artist (1891)
Cage: Great Gopuram, Kumbakonam by an unknown artist (1891)
Calamity: The Island Of Austvågøy by James David Forbes (1853)
Certainty: Jahangira Island by Clarkson Stanfield (1858)
Chalk: Break, Break by William Goodrich Beal (1889)
Change: Looking Into The Crater by an unknown artist (1889)
The City Of Red Houses: Pueblo by Auguste Joliet (1862)
Constellation: Graveyard by Frederick Cayley Robinson (1920)
Cork: Seashell Carriage by John Elliott (1909)
Delusion: Iron Gate Of The Danube by an unknown artist (1891)
Denial: Dardanelles by an unknown artist (1891)
Depth: Well Of Bolonchen by Frederick Catherwood (1844)
Drowned: Really Extraordinary by Léon Benett (1887)
Earth: Matterhorn From Near The Submit of Theodul Pass by Cyrus Johnson (1871)
Easy: What Form She Pleased by Warwick Goble (1920)
Erstwhile: Wichita Mountains by Auguste Joliet (1862)
Essex: The Padding Feet Of Many Gnomes by Warwick Goble (1920)
Eyrie: Scratchell’s Bay by Thomas Barber (1834)
Familiar: Palace Of Donn’Anna by Jean-Baptiste Isabey (1823)
Far: Great Salt Lake by Auguste Joliet (1862)
Fireflies: Ruined City by Alphonse de Neuville (1871)
Forest: Cliffs At Attàh by William Allen (1840)
Ghost: A Great Many Ghosts by Warwick Goble (1912)
Golgotha: Giant’s Causeway by an unknown artist (1891)
Guilt: A Long Fusiform Object by Jules Férat (1870)
Hope: Mountains Near The Folda Fjord by James David Forbes (1853)
Hotel: The Lake, Trentham Hall Gardens by Edward Adveno Brooke (1858)
Impermanence: Train Crossing The Bay Of Florida by Charles John de Lacy (1909)
Infinity: Pyramid Lake by Auguste Joliet (1862)
Inspiration: Haifa, Looking Towards Mount Carmel by David Roberts (1855)
Intervention: Dead London by Henrique Alvim Corrêa (1906)
Ix: Stahlstadt by Léon Benett (1860)
Jorel’s Island: Along The Dreary Deep by William Ladd Taylor (1887)
Knowledge: Cayuse Sisters by Auguste Joliet (1862)
The Light Of The Sun: The Star Lovers by Warwick Goble (1910)
The Lighthouse: Eddystone Lighthouse Surrounded By Waves by Amilcar de Lafage (1870)
Lure: Like A Fountain Of Gold by Warwick Goble (1920)
Mars: Typhoon In Macao by Évremond de Bérard (1857)
Masque: Down Under Ground by Warwick Goble (1920)
Mist: The Clipper Of The Clouds by Léon Benett (1887)
Myth: A Vessel of Huge Bulk by Gustave Doré (1880)
Nest: Natural Granite Cylinders by Auguste Joliet (1862)
North: The Jungfrau From The Aletsch Glacier by James David Forbes (1853)
Obscurity: Borobudur by an unknown artist (1891)
Passage: Deserted Tower by Decker (1845)
Past: Rock South Of Hornviken, North Cape by Auguste Etienne François Mayer (1852)
Poetry: Ross Castle, Killarney by William Henry Bartlett (1865)
Promise: Howlings by Jules Férat (1871)
Quiet: Watering-Place by Myles Birket Foster (1895)
The Reflection Of The Moon: Grand Falls Of The Little Colorado River by Auguste Joliet (1862)
Ritual: Aggstein Castle by William Henry Bartlett (1844)
Roan: Kristianstad by an unknown artist (1891)
Rock: Coast Near Skarsvåg, Norway by Auguste Etienne François Mayer (1852)
Rule: Locksley Hall by William Goodrich Beal (1889)
Salt: O’er Yon Far-Off Mountain (detail) by Myles Birket Foster (1866)
Self: Mount Hekla by an unknown artist (1891)
Shatter: The Bergschrund On The Dent Blanche by James Mahoney (1871)
Shell: Enormous Spider Crab by Alphonse de Neuville (1871)
Silence: Arched Rock by William Henry Bartlett (1834)
Silky: Sea-Nymphs Hourly Ring His Knell by Warwick Goble (1920)
Siren: Innisfallen Island by William Henry Bartlett (1865)
Soon: Jaffa by an unknown artist (1891)
Sorrow: Nigardsbreen by James David Forbes (1853)
Speech: Trajan’s Kiosk by David Roberts (1849)
Story: A Coruña by an unknown artist (1891)
Suffering: The Wreck Of The Dunbar by Évremond de Bérard (1857)
Target: Natural Hill by Auguste Joliet (1862)
Thicket: Making Off by Hablot Knight Browne (1857)
Thirst: Golden Curl by Warwick Goble (1920)
The Thorns: Inhabitants Of The Sea by Alphonse de Neuville (1871)
Torpor: Wuyi Mountains by Thomas Allom (1843)
Tower: Bora Bora by Évremond de Bérard (1886)
Unknown: Something Flat And Broad by Henrique Alvim Corrêa (1906)
Viy: Under The Moonbeams by Myles Birket Foster (1895)
Vurt: She Brushed By A Sankchinni by Warwick Goble (1912)
Walk: Capri by an unknown artist (1837)
Wall: Underwater Landscape by Alphonse de Neuville (1871)
Web: Rescued From Drowning by Léon Benett (1872)
Whisper: Gougane Barra by William Henry Bartlett (1865)
Wilderness: Chaudière Falls by an unknown artist (1891)
Wonder: The Nautilus Is My Boat by Warwick Goble (1920)
X: Corvette La Recherche Near Bear Island by Auguste Etienne François Mayer (1852)
Youth: Appearance Of A Mermaid by Warwick Goble (1913)
Zaratan: The Brocken by an unknown artist (1891)
Zeal: Anadoluhisar by Thomas Allom (1839)
Illustrations: Roaring Waves by Léon Benett (1872)
Notes, References And Acknowledgements: Panoramic View Of Magdalena Bay (I and II) by Barthélémy Lauvergne (1852)
About The Author: Inexperienced Seal by Charles Livingston Bull (1907).


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