Although numbers were Genny’s (our resident artist/atrisan computational AI) first love, it was inevitable that eventually a mind such as this would progress beyond the childish certainty of numbers and progress to the grown up pursuit of language and literature.

Every Letter (including diacritics and graphemes)

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In this exciting handbook, every letter of the alphabet (including diacritics and graphemes) is presented in crystal clear 250pt Futura, in both upper and lower case variants. By studying the underlying building blocks of our language, readers may reach an epiphany concerning such concepts as simplicity, complexity, and other emergent phenomena. No words were harmed in the production of this text.

Every Word (including plurals and common misspellings)

The second volume in our Linguistics series, Every Word (including plurals and common misspellings) will present each and every one of the 1 million words in the English language, all for your leisurely perusal across 5 impeccably presented volumes. A sixth volume will provide an index, with fully accurate page and volume references, as checked and verified by an independent indexier.