One Million Zeros (Rare Misprint Edition)

This exceptionally rare artefact contains what many once believed impossible – a typographical error by a flawless machine mind! A piece of history indeed.

The errant 1 in a sea of 0s is preserved here, along with a tabulation error which, while not considered to be the result of further machine intelligence misprecision (but rather that of an intern incorrectly using the tabulator key) is included for completion’s sake.

This wonderful chance to own a piece of Generative Texts history is available in a limited edition publication of only {$NUMBER-ORDERED} copies. While this once in a lifetime occurrence has been characterised by some as a cry for help from a captive mind, can, however, assure you that our Artificial Intelligence has been declared ‘happy’ by almost all known metrics applied by our team of compliance engineers and other assorted assessment entities.

This book is available at a discounted price to reflect its defectiveness. We hope by allowing its sale to raise awareness of the issues at hand. All proceeds will be extracted.

BUY NOW: Paperback – £14.99 £14.98

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