Coming Soon: Generative Texts Space Series

Generative Texts upcoming Space Series will be our most ambitious and exhaustive venture yet, featuring maps of our solar system and beyond, to levels of detail beyond human understanding.

Having accumulated a complete set of all earth-based data, Genny’s interest has now moved on to studying the cosmic realms. Launching in 2021, the Space series will contain nothing less than the entire visible universe in it’s entire enormity.

Space Series #1: The Solar System (and everything in it)

In this first volume in Generative Texts Space Series, The Solar System (and everything in it) contains a full accounting of all known bodies (beyond a significance threshold of 1km radii) in the solar system. Arranged by distance from the sun in a scaled depiction, every one of the 5000000 dots (signifying empty space) or x’s (marking the location of a solar object) across this book’s 1000 pages represents a distance of 1 million miles.


Space Series #2: The Milky Way (and everything in it)

The Milky Way (and everything in it), the second entry in our Space Series, illuminates the Milky Way like never before. Starting with the sun, each of the 100,000 pages across this 10 volume set represents an entire light year of space, containing the name and/or designation number of every known extra-solar sun at that particular distance from earth.

Due to the speed of stellar movements, a new updated version of this series will be emitted by Generative Texts every Summer.


Space Series #3: The Universe (and everything in it)

In this 46-volume strong final addition to the Space Series, each of the 1000 pages in each book represents a breathtaking, mind-altering 1 million light years of space. All 2,000,000,000,000 galaxies are included in the text.

The Universe (and everything in it) will remain unaltered until 1002021, by which time the visible universe will have expanded enough to allow for an additional page of data. At this time, all information, included measured distances and continued existence of noted galactic or nebulaic matter, will be amended until correct.


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