The Ninth Dream Of The Waiting Prince

Now this morning my Lord recounted to me his most recent dream. And he said to me, “My dear scribe, last night as I slept, I dreamt. And I saw again the Lady Of The Silver Hair, and now she showed to me the Charts Of The Known Kingdoms and the Maps Of The Unknown Expanses, and said to me that only by my hand could these separate worlds be reconciled. So she handed to me a needle, and a basket of yarn, in which there lay many millions of threads, and told me to choose from this bundle the strongest, for only one among them would prove to her my worth. Now each thread was indistinguishable from the others, and I knew not which one to choose, and I soon became frantic as I searched, for there were too many to check, and time was short. Yet I placed the threads back in the basket, and handed the basket back to the Lady, and said that of these threads I would not choose. But though she looked at first as if rebuked, when I took the thread of her silver hair, which in a dream once from her own head she had plucked and placed around my own wrist, she smiled. For I had shown her I was worthy of her trust, and together we joined the halves of the world, and for the first time made it whole.”