The Sixth Dream Of The Waiting Prince

This morning, my Lord recounted to me his dreams of the night before. And of his second dream, my Lord said to me, “My dear scribe, last night as I slept, I dreamt. And this dream was as comforting to me as the silence of these halls, for in it I was aboard a ship of such majesty it surely came from the boatyards of the First Emperor, who in his achievements has among us no equal. And beside me sat a Lady, of beauty unsurpassed, and with a wisdom that was revealed in every word from her lips, and every gesture of her body, and from the choice of clothes that she wore, that showed to me the depths of her elegance and understanding of occasion. And when I asked her for her name, and where she was from, so that I might find her in the waking world, in reply she simply smiled, and from her head plucked a single strand of silver hair, and tied it round my wrist, and whispered then in my ear that by this thread I shall know her, and find her, and together soon shall we be bound, in happiness, in joy, in love, in duty, beneath the blessing of the suns, and the moons, and the stars of all our worlds.”