The Fifty Fifth Dream Of The Waiting Prince

This morning my Lord spoke to me, and recounted his dream of the night before. And he said to me, “My dear scribe, last night as I slept, I dreamt. And this dream was of such barbarity, I am loathe to speak it aloud. For in this dream, I walked among the golden reeds of the Fields Of The Growing Grass, which were littered with the bodies of the newly dead. And the Birds Of The Risen Sun fed upon their eyes. And the Birds Of The High Sun fed upon their tongues. And the Birds Of The Fallen Sun fed upon their hearts. And the Birds Of The Shining Stars fed upon their cocks. And the Birds Of The Many Moons fed upon their wombs. And I walked for many days and years, until I reached their end. And there I laid myself down, and waited for the birds to find me. And above I could see nothing at all, neither sky nor stars, nothing at all except for the swaying of those golden reeds.”